Service 1: Rental property introduction for Japanese clients in Vietnam

Currently, the number of Japanese people coming to Vietnam in addition to travel purposes also has a large number of Japanese people coming to Vietnam for investment purposes. According to Ministry of Planning and Investment, generally in the first 8 months of 2018, the total newly and additionally registered capital, capital contributed an shares purchased by foreign investors(FDI) was 24,35 billion USD, in which Japan ranked first with total investment capital of 7 billion USD, accounting for 28,8% of total investment capital.

In addition to looking to rent representative offices, investors also want to rent a apartment instead of hotel rental due to the high frequency of arrival in Vietnam and the prolonged stay. Characteristics Japanese customers are very disciplined, so they are careful when renting offices and accommodation. JOC SAIGON understands the needs of Japanese customers so it ensures to introduce convenient and fully equipped apartment. In addition, JOC SAIGON always has a good Japanese-speaking staff that can assist with the translation of documents, as well as ensure bring the best satisfaction for customers.